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Dental Implants: A Superior Option to Dentures

For generations, the only real solution to missing or damaged teeth was dentures. While effective under certain circumstances, dentures are far from an optimal solution when it comes to missing tooth replacement. Dentures are essentially glued to the top of the gums using strong dental adhesive; over time, this adhesive bond weakens and, in many instances, fails altogether. While dentures are a comparatively inexpensive option up front, they often end up costing patients thousands of dollars in the long run due to repair and replacement costs.

Traditional removable dentures also must be taken out every night and sanitized, and in many instances, they are bulky and uncomfortable in the mouth and aesthetically do not have the beauty or appeal of natural teeth. More importantly, dentures will often produce friction and inflammation on the gums due to slight movement and shifting over time. This can lead to painful inflammation and can even accelerate bone deterioration in the jaw, which can have major long-term oral health consequences. 

Lasting Oral Health Benefits of Full Mouth Dental Implants

Compared to dentures, full mouth dental implants are a far superior option when it comes to replacing a full arch of missing teeth or even one or two missing teeth. The implant dentist first installs a titanium post (the implant) into the maxillary (jawbone). Over time, the implant will permanently fuse with the jaw to provide a stable fixed anchor that will support the replacement tooth or teeth. In the event a patient is missing multiple teeth, an entire arch of restoration teeth will be designed and fabricated by our acclaimed implant specialist, Dr. Abdullah Alkanan. The restoration arch will then be permanently attached to four or six implant posts providing the patient with a stunning new smile that looks, feels, and functions naturally.

In addition to providing patients with a brand-new smile they’ll be proud to show off, full mouth dental implants offer numerous long-term oral health benefits. Unlike dentures which accelerate jawbone loss, implants provide rigid support for the maxilla and can stop and reverse bone deterioration. Since full mouth dental implants are fixed in place, they also produce zero friction on the gums and will never move or shift over time. The result is a gorgeous, stunning new smile and a brand-new set of restoration teeth that will provide a lifetime of durable day-to-day use. 

Understanding Our All-On-X Process

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Many of our patients are often overwhelmed at the thought of full mouth dental implants, on the assumption the process will take months to complete. Full mouth dental implants can be placed in just a single office visit to our office in Kennewick, WA. When you come in for your dental implant surgery you will be able to leave on the very same day with a beautiful, fully functional set of brand-new temporary replacement teeth. Following 3-4 months during the healing time and permanent fusion process of the jawbone to the implant, you will return to receive your final restoration. A final restoration is custom made from either acrylic or zirconia to perfectly mimic the look, feel and function of natural teeth.

Kennewick's Leader in Full Mouth Dental Implants

If you are missing teeth and need a complete smile restoration, there is no better option than Tri-Cities Periodontics and Implants in Kennewick, WA. As one of the country’s most renowned and accomplished specialists for full arch dental implants, Dr. Alkanan takes a personalized approach to each unique patient and each implant case.

The result is a stunning set of restoration teeth that are custom-made and precision-designed to match the unique facial features of each individual patient. Far superior to dentures, full mouth dental implants allow patients a second chance at achieving a perfect smile. In just a single office visit, patients can enjoy once again the simple pleasures of pain-free eating, and more importantly, the boost in happiness and self-confidence that comes along with having a bright, beautiful, truly gorgeous smile.

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