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Enhance Your Smile with Crown Lengthening: The Procedure and Benefits Explained

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How Does Crown Lengthening Work?

Millions of Americans suffer from gum recession, wherein the soft tissue of the oral cavity begins to recede and erode. This can be the result of inflammation-related gum disease (periodontitis), impact trauma, or complications relating to the buildup of bacteria-containing plaque and tartar. Contrarily, millions more suffer from excessive gum exposure; wherein the gumline extends beyond that of its normal limit and covers up the surface of the teeth (often referred to as a gummy smile).

At our state-of-the-art periodontal center in Kennewick, WA, Dr. Abdullah Alkanan offers specialized treatments in crown lengthening (aka tooth lengthening), soft tissue grafting, and other periodontal plastic surgery procedures that help correct gums that are too large or too small. If you’re self-conscious about your smile due to an uneven gum line or teeth that are too large or too small, crown lengthening treatments can help. Contact our Kennewick, WA office today and schedule a consultation to learn more about crown lengthening, and how it can help craft a stunning, brand-new smile that you’ll be proud to show off! We offer dental financing options, as well as a complete range of sedation options to help make your procedure as efficient, affordable, and comfortable as possible.

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The Cosmetic Benefits of Crown Extension

Perfect Your Smile With A Simple Tooth Lengthening Procedure

Periodontal cosmetics is a broad umbrella term that describes several different procedures and treatments aimed at eliminating and reversing gum disease and other complications relating to soft tissue of the mouth. At Tri-Cities Periodontics & Implants in Kennewick, WA, acclaimed periodontist Dr. Abdullah Alkanan specializes in crown lengthening procedures that reshape the teeth and gums into a naturally suitable aesthetic that brilliantly complements each patient’s unique facial features. Our treatments include procedures that correct gummy smiles, reshape uneven gum lines, and repair severe gum recession from advanced-stage periodontitis.

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